Meet our team


Javier Quiroga -Owner

Owner, Javier Quiroga immigrated to the United States in 1980 with a passion for cooking that he developed in his native country of Bolivia. After years of working for The Pan American Health Organization and providing catering on the weekends for family and friends, he decided to follow his passion and open his own business, To Your Taste Catering, in 2004. 

Today, To Your Taste provides catering services to a wide spectrum of clients from Maryland to Northern Virginia. Our mission is to provide exceptional food with the freshest ingredients and to make events effortless for our clients.

Leonardo Rebollo - Executive Chef

I was born and raised in Uruguay, then immigrated to the United States in 2003. In my native country, at the age of ten years old, I developed a love of cooking from my grandmother, helping to prepare made-from-scratch, pasta, pastries and multi-course family meals. I decided to follow my passion for food and attended culinary school at Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay where I graduated with a focus on Uruguayan food, as well as, international foods. 

After college, I began my career at one of the oldest restaurants in Uruguay, La Genovesa where I further developed my culinary skills.. After arriving in the U.S., I began my career studying under Chef Krinn at Restaurant 2941, then with Chef Donna at Galileo. These experiences taught me the skills needed to be a professional chef, learning how to organize and manage a kitchen while preparing cutting-edge dishes.

After several years in the restaurant business, I was ready for a new challenge, so I pursued a career in the catering business. I was offered the position of executive chef at To Your Taste Catering in April of 2013. I have continued to develop my culinary skills and to push the limits of preparing fresh and innovative catered food. Using techniques such as brining, sous vide and monitoring the carryover temperature allows our catering business to deliver food that is amazingly fresh and perfectly cooked. 

You can count on us to start with the very best ingredients from local sources in order to create unique menus absolutely to your taste!